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(Tips) Word page number
Posted by Aðalsteinn Hjálmarsson on 17 August 2010 01:38 PM
How to let word page number start on different pages

This tutorial consists of two tasks:

  • Create Two Sections in Your Document
  • Insert Page Numbers

Create Two Sections in Your Document

To create two sections in your document:

 1. Click the View tab.


2. Click the Print Layout button in the View ribbon.


Note: If thePrint Layout button is already highlighted, do not click it.

3. Place your cursor at the end of the page that precedes the page on which you want the numbering to begin.


Note: For example, if you want the page numbering to begin on the fourth page of the document, place your cursor at the end of the third page.

4. Click the Page Layout tab.


5. Click the Breaks button in the Page Layout ribbon.


6. Click Continuousfrom the Breaks drop down menu that appears.

Result: Your cursor now appears at the beginning of the page on which you want the page numbering to begin.


You have successfully created two sections in your document. Now, let's get those page numbers inserted.

Insert Page Numbers

To insert page numbers:

 1. Click the Insert tab.



2. Click the Header or Footer button in the Insert ribbon.


Note: This is a personal choice based on whether you want page numbers to appear at the top of the page (header) or at the bottom of the page (footer). This tutorial uses the footer.

3. Click Edit Footer from the drop down menu that appears.



4. Click the Link to Previousbutton that appears in the Header and Footer > Design ribbon.


 The goal is to ensure that the Link to Previous button is disabled, in other words, not highlighted. If the button is already nothighlighted, do not click it.

5. Click the Page Number button in the Header and Footer > Designribbon.



6. Click Format Page Numbers from the drop down menu that appears.


 the Page Format window opens.

7. Click the Start at: radio button, indicate at which number you want the numbering to start, and click the OK button.


8. Click the Page Number button.


9. Click the Bottom of Page option from the drop down menu and the specific style of numbering you desire.


 If you chose to put the page numbers in the header, click the Top of Page option.

And there you have it: page numbering that starts on any page after the second page!

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