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Acclaro Axiomatic Design Software
Posted by Joseph Timothy Foley on 02 October 2014 09:45 AM

We have a university license agreement with Axiomatic Design Software who makes Acclaro, enterprise-grade design software.    If you have trouble with the licenses or downloads, contact support at  If you have general problems or questions contact foley at ru dot is.

To get the software, goto  (You will need to do this for each computer you will be using the software on.)  There is a copy on the shared drive, but it may be out of date: \\\almanna\TVD\software\acclaro

Select Reykjavik University, fill in the information and make sure that you put your RU email address.

The password can be generated by taking the first letters and punctuation of the sentence in quotes below. It is important to maintain the capitalization but do not include the quotes themselves.  This password should not be posted on the internet in its unencoded form.

"Customer attributes functional requirements design parameters process variables .  yet another yay !"

You will be sent an email instructions and a serial number.  Follow those directions to install the software and use the serial number.  The software will ask for a floating license, which we do not have.  You should just click Next.

The software will start in demo mode, which is quite limiting.  You want the professional mode.

Once running the software, you can register acclaro to get your license key file (in another email) to unlock the program.  The instructions provided in the email will tell you how to do this.  

A quick summary:

  1. Click on the register button
  2. Click on "Launch your browser.. "
  3. Fill in the form which needs the serial number from the previous email
  4. Click in "Request License Key"

You will receive another email with details on how to install the license file.  This license file should be put in the folder specified which is usually "C:\Program Files(x86)\AcclaroDFSS\acclaro\license\."

The license you receive is only good for the computer that it was requested from.  If you reinstall or switch computers, you will need to re-register to get a new license file.

Tutorials are provided in the help menu.

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