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Posted by Joseph Timothy Foley on 25 September 2013 01:00 PM

Solidworks is a 3D CAD tool from DSS used for solid modeling and simulation.  The university has an educational license of 500 seats that is renewed annually to get the latest educational version.  Our educational licenses are always one year behind.  If the year is 2020, you should install the 2019-2020 version.

Quick Info

  • If you have issues with the software or licenses, please email cad-admin AT

Installation of Solidworks using Student Engineering Kit

You need to be connected to the RU network to access the directions and license key file.  You don't need to be connected in order to use Solidworks, however.  Solidworks is only available for students and staff at Reykjavik University.  If you are a student startup that has recently graduated, you may be able to apply for a single-year commercial license.  Details in the document.

  1. Connect to \\\forrit\Allir\SolidWorks\ with an Explorer window.  If you need help connecting to the network drive, go to this page:
  2. Look at the SEK-installation-guide<YEAR>-<YEAR>.pdf which includes instructions and the license key number.  Important:  As of 2020, all of the license keys are the same and Solidworks Electrical is included.

Solidworks Online Account

If you don't have a Solidworks Online account, you will probably want one

  1. Open in another tab or window
  2. Click on "Create a SOLIDWORKS ID"
  3. On the form, fill out your email address and indicate that you are using the serial number (See Quick Info)
  4. Confirm that you are with Reykjavik University and finish filling out the application. Click Next.
  5. Fill out your profile information and subscription preferences.  Read the export form and indicate you have done so.  Click Next.
  6. Continue to follow the directions until your account is activated.

If you have an old Solidworks account that didn't have the license associated, you need to register it

  1. Login
  2. Click on the "home" button on the top right
  3. Under "My Support" click on Register My Products
  4. Put the serial number (See Quick Info)
  5. Pick the Version of solidworks:  click on "Version" and a window will appear
  6. Pick "SOLIDWORKS EDU Edition XX-XX Network Installation" where the years are the latest.  click OK.

Solidworks Network License Install (Image)

Warning!  You must be on the RU network or connected with the VPN in order to use this method and while using Solidworks

  1. Open a windows Explorer window on the RU network to \\\forrit\Allir\SolidWorks\network-license-images
  2. Navigate to the latest folder e.g. "Solidworks2021SP4.1"
  3. Open the "StartSWInstall.hta" file and follow the directions
  4. If you need to look up the license number (due to an error) it is in the license.txt file in "network-license-images"



I can't find the license key numbers for the Student Engineering Kit.  Where are they?

See the section that tells you to look at a file in the SEK instructions.

I get an error about an invalid license when using the network license, but the license key matches what I was told and I'm on the RU network

Your registry may be missing the key.  Open Registry Editor (regedit) and look at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solidworks\Licenses\Serial Numbers\SolidWorks  If it is empty, you need to put the license key in (all CAPS, with spaces)

I installed the software, but when I click on the solidworks icon, it doesn't start.

A few users have reported this problem and that it was fixed by rebooting the computer.

I got a warning about a previous installation and needing to reboot.  What should I do?

It is recommended to do a reboot before installing.  If you get the message again right after rebooting, check to see if Windows is requesting you to apply updates.  Apply the updates, reboot, then install.

It complains that this is not the correct license

You probably chose 'Server Install' or something other than Individual install.  The license number above will only work for the basic Solidworks Student version under Individual install.  

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