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(Linux) Printing in Ubuntu (staff)
Posted by Joseph Timothy Foley on 19 February 2013 11:12 AM

Printing at RU requires interfacing with SAMBA to print to the windows-based print server  Students should be using the printer, which is otherwise identical. This guide assumes you are using Ubuntu 20.04

Setup SAMBA to connect with RU Active Directory Servers

WORKGROUP to HIR.IS in /etc/samba/smb.conf.  This can eliminate a lot of errors.

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
  1. Look for the line that says "workgroup = WORKGROUP"
  2. Change this to say "workgroup = HIR.IS"

Setup the Printers

This example assumes you are Joe Foley (foley AT trying to connect to the Kyocera 406ci printer in Venus 3-30.  You should adjust your settings as necessary.  It's a good idea to see what the model of printer is first. The newer black and white printers are Kyocera FS-4200DN.

In general, the black and white printers are Kyocera FS-4000DN (V_3_39).  The color printers/copiers are Kyocera TaskALFA 406ci (Smaller printer/copiers A4 only V_3_30COLOR) and Kyocera TaskALFA 7550ci (bigger printer/copiers able to do A3 e.g. V_3_1COLOR).  If you are using MyQ, then you should be printing to COLOR to allow your printer to be chosen later.

  1. Open applications and select "Printer"
  2. You probably need to click on "Unlock" on the top right to make changes
  3. Click on the green "Add..." on the top bar
  4. On the search bar which says "Enter a network address or search for a printer"  type in smb://hrprint-staff
  5. It will ask you to authenticate in order to list the printers saying "Server requires authentication"
  6. Click on "Unlock" on the top again
  7. Type in your username and password.  My username is "foley"
  8. Click on the printer you wish to setup
  9. Scroll down on the left to Kyocera and pick the driver that has the closest number to the models listed previously.  Generally you want the "KDPL" version.  Warning:  Some of the entries that look identical are in other languages.  I have not found a way to differentiate what language!
  10. Click on a printer's gear icon next to it
  11. Click on "Test page" to ensure the printer works
  12. You may get a "Credentials required in order to print"
  13. If everything is setup correctly, you can click on the "Jobs" and will see a prompt to authenticate the job to allow it through.
    1. TODO:  Update instructions to avoid authentication on every job

Authentication is required, but there's no where to type my username and password

You might have made a typo in the WORKGROUP.

CUPS may have also put the wrong information when it setup the printer driver.  Not sure what causes this.  Quick fis:

  1. sudo service cups stop
  2. sudo nano /etc/cups/printers.conf
  3. change the "AuthInfoRequired"  line to "AuthInfoRequired username,password"

Experimental: Kyocera Linux Print Utility

Kyocera now has official linux support using their own programs.  Check out

You will need to unzip and untar the file.  The README indicates how to install the packages.  Once they are installed, additional drivers will appear when "adding printer".  In theory, it should autodetect the printer but foley hasn't seen how to use it yet.

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