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Final Project/Thesis/Dissertation Template
Posted by Joseph Timothy Foley on 17 February 2016 10:35 AM

There is an official RU thesis template for the School of Science and Engineering and Computer Science.  Other departments are also welcome to use it.  

Overleaf (WebBased)

For an on-line template at Overleaf (using LaTeX): This is synchronized regularly with the GitHub project at

Overleaf has a git interface, so you can also do development offline while using Overleaf to store the content.

Be aware that unless you are a paying customer to Overleaf, your content can be seen by anyone who knows the URL.  This may be a problem if you are writing a document with sensitive information.

Zotero can be used to manage your references as well:

The older (and no longer maintained) version can be found at

Distributed Template

The new template from was an effort to simplify and streamline the older code/template from

To use the LaTeX template locally, you will need to install additional software as described in the included instructions and at:

The old template includes a (in progress) MS Word template and LaTeX template.  This set of files include instructions on preparing the thesis and calculator to figure out when thnigs have to be submitted.

The old distribution is packaged up at:

Any questions, comments, or complaints should be sent to foley AT ru DOT is

For faster response, contact him via MS Teams.

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